Save Your Stamps



Why save stamps? 

The stamp project to help some handicapped workers learn skills and earn money continues because people like you and others from all over the U.S. regularly save all their postage. The workers trim, soak, sort, package, and sell the stamps. Buyers in the U.S. especially want foreign stamps, and foreign buyers want U.S. stamps. Duplicate stamps are used to create maps and other items on request. 

The workers in the sheltered workshop in Germany do the same jobs but do not personally need money because they are subsidized by the German government. Instead, the money they earn from the sale of stamps is used to support African communities of handicapped individuals.

Each boxful weighs at least 9 pounds and takes about 1½ to 2 months to fill with about 62,000 stamps on paper. The box to Washington, D.C. requires $12.65 in postage while the boxful to Germany requires more than five times that.

Because the stamps must be intact, generous margins of paper really help. Stamps with damaged perforations are valueless. Thank you for your continuing faithfulness to the Woman’s Board of Missions stamp project. Please remember to save the postage from your Christmas mail.


Carol Miura on behalf of the Woman’s Board of Missions.

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