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Nearly one hundred forms of service were listed and each of the 218 [was] busy in from one to twenty-two of them. In a word, Central Union Church considers its field to be world wide and its agencies any organization inspired by the Christ. This breadth of spirit is united with evangelical fervor. Scarcely a year has been suffered to pass in all its history without direct evangelistic effort.81

One major extension of the church's missionary commitment was commissioning Dean Rakwell Wickes and his wife, Fanny Sweeny Wickes, as missionaries stationed in Peking, China. Begun in 1912, this project was financed first by the Men's League, then by Central Union as a whole, and lasted until 1935.

During Dr. Scudder's pastorate, the church added three new buildings and created independent organizations for two of its local mission projects. In 1908, a new Parish House was erected on an adjacent property at Richards Street, to be used for Sunday School classes and midweek meetings. That same year a chapel and settlement house were built at Kalihi, which were then organized separately as Kalihi Settlement and the Kalihi Branch of Central Union. Palama Settlement's incorporation as an independent institution came in 1910 and was followed in 1913 by reorganization of the Kalihi branch as the autonomous Kalihi Union Church. Thirty-five members of Central Union Church were dismissed to become charter members of the new church.

Despite its rapid growth in these years, the church was without debt and entirely supported by the offerings of its members "with free seats in God's House, with not a rented sitting,"82 in other words, without pew rental, common practice a few years earlier. Indeed, Dr. Scudder presided over the wonderful year, 1909, when he could tell the congregation: "For the first time we have given away more than we have spent on ourselves."83 As if he had little else to do, Scudder also edited The Friend and for a time was acting president of Mid-Pacific Institute.

With World War I on the horizon, with several enthusiastic evangelism campaigns behind him, and with his work completed in Honolulu, Dr. Scudder accepted a call from the Protestant Ministers' Association of Japan to take the pastorate of Tokyo Union Church. 


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