This Sunday


Rev. David Rivers


7:00 AM

Atherton Memorial Chapel


8:45 AM

Gift of Music - Sanctuary

9:00 AM



11:00 AM

Parish Hall


Children’s Ministry

Attention Parents!

We have a table in front of the Sanctuary each Sunday 
for parents to sign in their child(ren)
 for Sunday School.  

Click Here for details.

Parents need to come to the Music Building. 
to sign out their child(ren) after the worship service.



After the 9:00 AM service

Join us on the Aloha Lanai for refreshments and fellowship.

Then join us for Learning Tree.


11:00 AM Pohnpeian Worship Service

Atherton Memorial Chapel

Except the first Sunday of the month.

January 8th through February 26

Inspired: The fuel of our mission

One of the most loved passages in all of scripture must be the beatitudes.  In 8 short and concise statements, Jesus invites us into the realm of God’s Kingdom.  Come and hear once again these words of hope for a world awaiting God’s Kingdom come

Blessed are the grieving…

Blessed are the humble…

Blessed are the hungry and thirsty…

Blessed are the merciful…

Blessed are the pure of heart…

Blessed are the peacemakers…

Blessed are the persecuted…

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