Pastor Mary: Are you courageous?

Pastor Brandon: Yeah, when I wrote that question, I stumbled over it.

Pastor David: I think it’s easier to see courage in other people than it is in yourself.

It’s like I look at what you did with the strike with the hotel workers down in Waikiki as courageous to walk down not knowing any of the people standing there saying, “Can I often you communion? Or a listening presence or to advocate with you for a living wage.”

To me, that was courageous. And I know you would say, that’s not courageous that’s what we are supposed to do. There are a lot of ministers in this town that didn’t want to get anywhere near that because of the fear of how people might perceive them.

I think Mary coming onto a new staff not really knowing what she’s walking into this church and saying I’ll lead the youth mission trip to Pohnpei. And not really understanding what that really fully meant but saying that I’m willing to lead that was an act of courage.

Pastor Mary: I think I actually said, “Dibs!”

Pastor David: That was true, you did say that. And so I think it’s easier always to look at others and say, “Look at those courageous actions” or moments that they’ve done that I can gain a sense of ok that’s what it looks like. I don’t think most people look in the mirror and go, “You are courageous!”

Pastor Brandon: Yeah, no, I think you’re right. But I do wonder, I wonder how our lives would be different if we did, maybe not as much as look in the mirror and say, “Hooray! I’m courageous!” But if we were able to own that; if that was a truth that we could own. Or any number of the truths in the Bible, if we really could own, I am beloved, I am forgiven, I am gifted by God. Any one of these things if we were actually were able to name and own it for ourselves I wonder how differently it would shape our day. Are you courageous Mary?

Pastor Mary: Super! I just learned that I am. Yeah, I was thinking about this while you guys were talking, and I was thinking about waking up in the morning, if it became a spiritual practice for me to wake up in the morning and say, “What is one way I can step out of my comfort zone today?” That might help me to become more confident and more courageous and would lead me on that path.