Group #1
1.  Lots activities on campus; daily; 1x/month; affiliated/not with the Church
2. 3 services; have choices; appreciate friendliness of members; previously wasn’t as friendly but more so now.
3. Doing more partnerships (ex- Blue Zone Group; Mindfulness sessions); might attract more younger people?
4. Capital grants; strengthen spirit of aloha to attract newer members; reach out to youth via social media forums?  Find out how youth communicate and tap that source.
Group #2
1. We gravitated more toward the finances
2. Adult day care – provide different or more personal care services
3. Renting out of our facilities; seek partners to develop parts of the campus;
4. Community center with afterschool care; child care?
Group #3
1. Women’s league:  thrift shop revenues provides scholarships/youth
2. Adult day care center
3. Trying be more active in justice issues; faith action community
4. Youth – what are we doing with them?  This services showed us great spiritual growth with our youth
5. Environmental justice – youth very interested in subject so maybe we need to look at this.  Generational look at this subject
6. Care of facilities; look to activities in the facilities to help care for facilities
7. Look to model presented by youth mission to Poehnipei(?);
8. Concerts at the church; ex – organ playing during the day
Group #4
1. Church lacks intentionality; ex- we don’t “intend” to help people.  Need to be more active in welcoming new members during and after church
2. Seniors/old timers seem to feel neglected; overlooked by the congregation; Don’t know what is happening with programs here in church and would like to know.
3. Contacting people who may need help; need plan to contact/reach people; need to know what is going on.
4. Ritual of friendship pads no longer used – Why?  Think it was a good way to account for people.  How know when people are missing?
5. How many on church staff are members of the church?
6. Who is youth minister?
7. Young adults – how are we attracting them?
Group #5
1. Spent more time on what should we be doing?
2. Creating events/opportunities for community to come to our church; ex – lituragists (sp?); revival type meetings; Richard Rohr invite to speak; create events that church related to bring more people to church.
3. Get more active outside the church; ex- community service in times of need to help/volunteer
4. Buildings pride and a burden.  Use of facilities active but groups can’t necessarily pay for their upkeep
5. Someone know Elison?  Get big donation?
6. How draw in millennials?  Activities?  Services?
7. Can we improve management of our funds?  Is a challenge.
Group #6
1. Learning to embrace all; lots of different groups come/use our church
2. Legacy giving increase?
3. Society demanding Sundays so not reserved to churches; how create community in church life?  Free to come in but pay to leave?  dog nursery?