Kailua is a beautiful place to work and live, but hidden in this community are many individuals and families who are struggling each day to pay bills, put food on the table, and ultimately support themselves and their families.

There are food distribution programs all over this beautiful island we call home and each one has come to mean so much to the most needy of our community,

a safe place for those less fortunate.

Clients range from the young mother who needs extra groceries to tide her over until her next pay check, to the homeless man who is destitute and in need. We don’t judge, we don’t question, we are just there to give.

I like to think that we do more then just hand out food each week.

  • In a society where the most down trodden can be made to feel inferior, I hope that the people who come to us for food, for help, come to a place where they are greeted with a smile and treated with respect.
  • I hope they feel the care that goes into the salads, fresh sandwiches, homemade brownies and cookies and fresh fruit we offer.
  • I’d like to think they leave with a lighter heart.
  • My husband and I have been running the Wednesday morning for distribution at Central Union Windward for the past 12 years. We took it over from another couple who ran it for a number of years.
  • We are hoping to find someone or a couple or group to take this program over. It has been an incredibly rewarding mission ,but we are ready to pass it on. I honestly felt lucky to be in a position to run such a program.
  • Some facts

-The program is funded by the church, part of their outreach funds

-Food is given out every Wednesday morning 10-11:30

-We have a room at the church where we store our food

-Part of the job is to shop once a month or as needed at the Honolulu foodbank, We are an agency there.

-The food is put on the shelves, bagged then distributed each week.

We have covid restrictions in place. I sign them in and sit 10 ft away from the table where they can get their bags. Everyone wears a mask as well.

This is a small but impactful program. We give out between 40-80 bags a week.

Donations to Faith Action Rise Beyond Expectations.  Mahalo!

Faith Action for Community Equity’s Investment Drive concluded on Oct. 31.  In light of the fiscal challenges being faced by so many during this COVID era, we reduced our goal from $20,000 to $15,000.   We are happy to announce that our supporters were able to invest $18,458.

If you missed the chance to give before October 31, please know that donations are still being accepted.  You may write a check to Faith Action for Community Equity and give it to Carolyn Kuahulu or Evie Hao (CUC’s reps to Faith Action.

For a longer story and more information on how to give, go to  https://www.faithactionhawaii.org/post/faith-action-wraps-up-its-2020-unit-investment-drive.

The traditions we at Central Union Church have held dear for many generations have been put on hold indefinitely or substantially revised to accommodate safety precautions and concerns. Our annual White Gifts program has been impacted by COVID 19, but we are determined to find a way to carry out our mission of providing much-needed Christmas gifts for the social services and ministries we have faithfully partnered with for decades, so that they can offer Christmas gifts to the people they serve. The majority of White Gifts go to adults and youth who are homeless or in transition due to domestic violence, injustice, and/or circumstances beyond their control. Now, more than ever, the importance of these gifts cannot be overstated. The pageant cannot take place this year, but we are not letting a pandemic interfere with our mission to provide gifts for those in dire need. Here is the plan:

Instead of purchasing and wrapping gifts, those who wish to participate can donate by cash or check, made payable to Central Union Church. IMPORTANT: On the memo line, write White Gifts.  Submit your monetary donation anytime between now and December 10. Mail it to:

Central Union Church

Accounting Office

1660 S. Beretania Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

If you prefer to donate online you may do so by going to the church website “GIVE NOW” option. The Donation Cause in the dropdown menu would be Community Outreach. You will need to indicate “White Gifts” on the memo line of PayPal. A team of savvy shoppers will then purchase suitable gifts with the available funds. The agencies submit a gift request form, so we know what their needs are. In years past we have given 800-1200 gifts, shared between 8-10 agencies. Please note: Only monetary donations can be accepted. We cannot accept gift items, for safety reasons and because it becomes a storage and security issue.

Mahalo for helping us bring Christmas joy to the most vulnerable in our community. God bless you all!