Scripture Readings
John 19:16b – 31
John 19:31 – 37
John 19:38 – 42

Written by Pastor Rushan Sinnaduray

Today is Good Friday. I am feeling the heaviness of this day, because today we focus on the cross and the death of Jesus. The story is not pleasant and reminds us of the unpleasant aspects in our lives. It stirs up things – the hurt of betrayal, the pain of injustice, the heartache of grief.

Sometimes we want to rush from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday … to the joy and celebration and fun … but let’s not do that. Today, let’s sit in the gloom of the day, let’s sit with the hurt of the story, let’s experience again the deep grief of the disciples – for it is in the midst of the darkness of this day that we discover the amazing love & grace that comes through the cross of Jesus.

The Gospel narratives of the crucifixion never explains why Jesus had to die or exactly what his death accomplished. Initial answers to these questions are supplied by the apostle Paul and later by generations of Christian theologians and hymn writers. These sources provide various explanations.

Here’s one of my perspectives on what Jesus’ death accomplished. The basic human problem is death that came into the world through Adam and Eve. Through his submission to the cross – and especially through the resurrection – Jesus overcame the power of death, thus making possible the glorification of humanity, its restoration to the image of God. Good Friday – and Easter Sunday – thus demonstrate the power and victory of God.

So how do we respond to that? I think an appropriate response would be worship and praise.

There are other perspectives and understandings. Good Friday offers us a powerful and story that is open to multiple levels and layers of meaning. On this day, I invite you to just sit with the story a while and reflect where you find your place in the story and the discern how you respond to the story from wherever you find yourself on your journey of life and of faith.