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Construction Alert!

The KMC project is preparing to commission
the new boiler plant which requires them to perform
a “blow down” of steam to clean the newly installed piping. 

During the blow down, which is now rescheduled to
Tuesday, September 2 beginning at 5:30 PM,
they will be releasing steam into the atmosphere
within the parameters of their job site.  

The only effect CUC would hear and/or see would be
steam being released visually with the sound of it
being similar to releasing the air from an air compressor. 


Contractor is planning to demo old facility building and 
remove old oxygen tanks in the next few weeks.
Plan is to minimize construction noise and mitigate any dust. No asbestos in this building.


Should you have any concerns or questions about 
the KMC construction project, please call 
their construction information line at 808-535-7669.


RevoluSun is on campus installing photovoltaic panels
on the Parish Hall, Music Building, and Women’s Building.

This may take until the end of August.

This will impact parking and traffic on campus
and may affect foot traffic as installation proceeds.

Please be careful when attending events in these facilities
as the RevoluSun techs may be working on the roof.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

This is all a part of making Central Union energy efficient!

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Central Union Church

Ministering to the needs of the community,
contributing to the welfare of all,
being enriched by those aspects of culture
that help to make human life more human,
and working to reflect God's just and loving purposes
for the world.


As you step inside our sanctuary, the words


welcome all who come to worship with us.


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For more information about Central Union Church,
please contact us at (808) 941-0957.

You can mail us at

1660 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, HI 96826

Our office hours are 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday - Friday

We are closed on holidays.


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where you can handle many routine items
from the convenience of your home or office,
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Central Union Church, organized in 1887, 
traces its roots to the Seamen's Bethel, founded in 1833.

The Bethel began the earliest regular church services
in English in the Hawaiian Kingdom.

In 1924, Central Union Church,
also known as the "Church in a Garden",
moved to its present location on Beretania Street.

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which explains the symbolism of our Church,

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