I pray…

1. I pray that the church would go beyond four walls in the fullness of God’s indiscriminate divine love.
2. I pray that the old, stodgy, insider, stuck-in-the-past ways and images and qwords quickly fall away and are replace by words, images, and ways that speak to those of us who are more outside the church than in the church.
3. Lord of infinity and forever Lord as you did long ago send us a star that lead wise man to a new birth. Protect the tiny infant ideas that will meet unnecessary criticism for it’s own sake. The birth of new ideas and solutions. We ask to be lead through past, present, and future. Amen
4. I pray for our church to open their hearts and monetary resources to allow us to share our mission of engaging and embracing all in our community.
5. Father, we thank you for all you have done, known and unknown to us. Creation, and all that it contains is your project…we are invited to participate. You know, already, all that is to come. We surrender our future to you, asking that you will guide us and reveal to us, in your ways and timing, answers to the issues before us. Thank you for being just the God you are… Amen
6. Dear Father in Heaven, May your will be ours in unity at CUC. May your grace continue to touch each of those who are members or visitors at CUC. We pray for strength and courage to step forward voluntarily to make a difference for your mission – Yes we can with your help!
7. Lead us o God into the people you have called us to be. Whisper to us and open our earls to listen and our hearts and minds to discern your call.
8. Heavenly Father/Mother God, We love and honor you. You have given so much to us already. However we are still loving people who greatly need guidance and your support. Allow us to see clearly as we work together to complete our mission through the love, work and charity of all. We know you are the guidance of all. Thank you Almighty for your grace and love. It is only through you that we will accomplish our mission. Amen
9. Dear God, we ask that you lead us and guide us as we share your love and our mission with those around us near and far. Help the decisions we make to help those in need, those in our church community, and those young people who will sustain the work that we begin. We thank you for all that you provide for us and for taking our worries, fears, and concerns off our shoulders and giving us peace in our hearts and minds. We pray all these things in your name. Amen
10. Pray for: whole CUC; Pohnpei Ministry; Allison Kihleg – stay home and take care of his dad while I go with youth to Pohnpei; love, honest; youth – learn more about bible
11. I pray that we be Christ-filled in all our thoughts and actions as plan and move forward and as we relate to each other.
12. Connecting to people that you never meet in a large community, especially for seniors to meet the young generation
13. Pray for staff leadership to emerge that is capable of developing a mission that reflects correct and emerging cultural trends
14. Dear God, please show the way in which you are guiding us. Let it be clear how to become a strong, vibrant, active church, full of compassionate and strong leaders surrounded by happy and fulfilled members.
15. Dear God – I pray that those with the Vision remember that God will provide as long as there is a true belief that your are all great and love, forever. Grant us wisdom with truth and love.
16. Dear God, I pray that as we come together as a community of love, you will show us the vision of what you dream can become of Central Union Honolulu and Windward as we move forward in love! Amen
17. Prayers for the church to spend more time going out into the community and serving. Instead of being an isolated entity – we need to do mission work – right here in Hawai`i. We need the community to see the PURPOSE of having a spiritual entity in their lives. We need to bring the world to us by going to THEM.
18. One team. Unified focus.
19. Pray that we can truly focus on our mission and embrace all. Also, for our leadership staff and council to make hard decisions verses punting them forward.
20. Dear Lord, Bless our church and keep us in the folds of your hands. Amen
21. Dear God, Please help us to connect with our younger generation to engage them to join or rejoin our church, even though they are so occupied with their law, medical, business practices.
22. Pray for better financial year for the church.
23. Pray that your prayers will be answered.
24. God, Help my church!! We nee you more than ever!!
25. God, I pray for the leaders of our church, the paid staff and all of the Council Members who serve as volunteers and whose voices and decisions should represent the broader congregation.
26. Lets maintain our buildings so we can get good rental incomes to help support us!
27. I pray that all would know God and Jesus and that lives will grow be molded and changed by receiving this gift. And that through this knowledge received, our church community will strengthen, be more active and change agents be all in our community.
28. God, please bless our leadership and congregation to gain and use their collective wisdom to find forward-thinking and creative ways to sustain our church and to continue the church’s mission. Help us Lord to uncover how we can use our talents for the church. My prayer for the church is that we will continue to be open and welcome anyone and everyone to our church. We will show love to ALL, members and non-members!
29. Dear God, Please help us to choose a path forward for the church, a path that is both sustainable and community service oriented.
30. Lord, we pray for our church that we are open to all. What you are seeking is here. That we don’t judge. That we believe in redemption. That we serve all. That we provide restive souls peace and that all in the community understand that they may find comfort and solace here at CUC.
31. Honor past pastors; testimonies from members (answered prayer, mission); mission statement of CUC; make more use of photos, officers, etc
32. Give us the strength and wisdom to change
33. Prayers for our congregation to become seriously involved in praying for God’s guidance and direction in how to sustain this fellowship and spread the Word of Jesus Christ. Lord help us to turn our will over to you and to let go and let you work through us to do your work.
34. Pray for the courage to have faith in the unknown, unfamiliar, to risk of what is for what might be.
35. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, for our foolish ways. Help us to trust in you and open our hearts to all. Teach us to listen to each other before we speak and help us to have respect for ideas that don’t match with ours. And be patient with us as we are with each other. In love I pray.
36. God, in this changing world, I pray that our church will change with it, expressing the love that has united us for hundreds of years in new ways to reach others in the world around us. Give us the courage to grow. Open our hearts to see new possibilities.
37. Procedures need to be made and followed from administration to administration. Think out of box to find a good fundraiser like no other like Punahou Carnival. Maybe a craft fair like no other.
38. Heavenly Father, Please look down on this beautiful church and campus. Please continue to be with us as we gather to worship and give thanks for all we have. Please continue to bless us with all we need. In the name of the Christ we pray. Amen
39. Dear Lord, In prayer in need for my Central Union Church to prosper in your spiritual abundance of the Holy Spirit and meet all the challenges that we are asking for your help. We believe that all will be met.
40. God, God…. God! PLEASE BE WITH US!! Thank you, God.
41. I pray that all church members have one goal to keep our focus on God and not on people, politics. Work together with love and what we do is for God and nothing else. P.S. I pray that the culture of being a “social club” will disappear.
42. Pray for wisdom to alleviate our resources. Pray that God will circumcise our hearts to serve the Lord and not the world. Let al the staff and employees be Christians who love Christ and fear the Lord.
43. Let us be kind. Let kindness precede everything we do.
44. Dear Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit – guide and direct us to growth the mission of Christianity and our community. Give us the vision to see what steps to take to extend the gift of everlasting life to our community.
45. Prayer for a sustainable CUC church. Father God, we thank you for what you have done so far, for empowering the leadership. Grant them an accelerating vision for a sustainable church community to facilitate infrastructure, renovation for meeting new members, needs of the community, empowers your blessing upon us. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
46. Prayer for CUC: that we will keep true to our mission; that we will make it tangible; that we will make it happen!
47. I pray that our members will come together to make decision about the direction our church should follow in our continuing advance into the future with grace and love for all. We need the spirit of aloha in all we do.
48. “In times of dark times, you see a light.” I wish you hope in this time of help. I am thankful that you have provided us space, services, food, and knowledge ever since I was 5 years old. I am thankful that you are helping us the youth group to go on trips especially to the Micronesian islands. Thank our for all the good things you’ve done for us and one day it will go to you.
49. Pray that staff is limited but do a good job and help balance budget. Take volunteers willingly.
50. God, guide this church as it reaches out to the Honolulu Community and look beyond brick and mortar to help those who make Honolulu our home.
51. Please God, help our church to be faithful to you. Help us to love your with all of our hearts, minds and soul. Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves.
52. Prayer for: joyful guidance and wisdom and abundance.
53. Pray for spirituality in all people.
54. Thy will be done, open our hearts to your love and work through us to bless the greater community.
55. Help the church become MORE relevant to every day needs of its members and openly express that through words and actions.
56. Give us the wisdom to see a clear path of joys in our daily life and converse with others to clearer our understanding and distinction of our path.
57. Kind and gracious heavenly father, we pray for a sustainable future for present and future members of our church community. We pray that in reaching out more people will come and enjoy fellowship.
58. Please help our church to find new ways of gaining importance that lures the people who can help, help. The preschool and the chance to rent areas out for $$ perhaps classes for adults: some class for babysitting and list of sitters sent out.
59. Pray that the Holy Spirit will direct all the members to focus on God’s call to each one as we respond to the storm in the horizon. Seek wisdom in His words as we live in the present putting faith in God’s faithfulness in the future.
60. Dear God, Thank you for your guidance and spirit in the past and now. We ask that you give to us wisdom for the future to inspire all those who love you and those who have yet to know you. Give us forward-looking creativity. Amen
61. Your vision for the church is great BUT it needs to be communicated on a regular basis. Our leaders need to be listeners. Talk is easy, you need to be doers!!
62. Praying for unity among our church and joyful movement forward.
63. May Central Union Church continue to be a welcoming church so that those who have felt judged or unwelcomed hear word of our congregation.
64. Heavenly Father, Please guide us here at CUC as we together move forward to continue our mission. Help us to be examples that will instill our young ones to continue to do and be good citizens and Christians. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
65. We pray in unity by the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the name of our blessed redeemer, Jesus Christ.
66. Pray for more members. Pray for Holy Spirit.
67. We need your guidance, your love, your perseverance that our church grows and continues to do your ministry. Give us courage as we meet difficult issues!
68. My prayer is that we can find more ways to make the land and buildings bring in income to the church. Overnight parking in this area is a big problem. People would gladly pay to have a guaranteed parking spot to park overnight.
69. Please, please, look into historic designation nationally (because I think we have state historic designation) to fully recognize the two churches as historic buildings, I’m not sure (because this is a religious entity) but many, many grants are viable for historic preservation, both in this state and nationally. This could be a HUGE help to the entire organization. This is my prayer.
70. Dear Lord, May we truly listen to your voice. May we truly listen to each other especially to those who may believe that they do not have a voice or may have been silence in the past. Open our hearts as well as our mind.
71. Dear Lord, Help us to stop talking and motivate us to action to create growth, financial, stability and happiness.
72. I pray all people will know the peace of the almighty. I pray for our heavenly father to calm and cure madness and anger with love and peace. I pray we practice caring for each other and the land malama aloha. I pray that the church and everyone will find financial support in their life and future. I’m thankful for my health and food we are blessed with each day. Starvation is commonly known for death in our world. Amen
73. Lord, please bless CUC with boldness, direction, and strength to move forward to fulfill our mission. Bless CUC with creativity to think of ways to help embrace ALL in a sustainable way, ways that bring people that do not know God’s love. Amen (1 idea the spirit has given me is to open a brewery to bring people to bring people together and also bring in revenue.
74. I pray that the spirit moves the vision team leadership and congregation to think about the next 130 years not just the next 30. Please move them to find ways to use what we have NOT TO SELL what we own.
75. Dear Lord, show us the way
76. The abundant, benevolent, creative universe with serendipity and finesse meets our needs far beyond our highest/wildest dreams –
77. That I will continue to grow daily in practicing prayer in a more focused and mature way. Writing down my prayers and so I might send them off to those that I’m praying for whom God has put on my heart.
78. God our Lord – Bless this congregation and help us find the right people to lead us in the direction you want for us. “To engage and embrace all” are empty words if there is no welcoming, genuine “atmosphere” on this campus. Rudeness is not aloha. Ameni
79. Father keep us healthy and strong so that we can save our church.
80. God, please help us to take care of each other.
81. Pray that every voice be heard, young and old. Pray to hear God’s work in all our decisions – Pray not to be afraid to make new and different decisions. Pray to make changes we “can” make and not waste time or energy on things we cannot change.
82. I pray that the congregation be included in the process of making decisions about both campuses along the way and that the council, leadership, and the vision team remain transparent.
83. Lord, may our efforts to meet the challenges ahead be based on your will. May we also have the strength to carry out your will as an example of your love.
84. King of All KING, we humbly bow our heads in your honor. We ask thee that you continue to bless our church so we are able to do your will. Let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We love you, Amen
85. Guide us as we engage and embrace all as we seek to embody Christ.
86. Pray for a support group for single parents.
87. I pray our church continues to welcome all without judgment, but love and promise. I pray my family will be drawn to the positive energy and song and message of love, hope, faith, acceptance.
88. Reveal to Central Union Church how these resources of time, lands, buildings and people can best serve God and the community.
89. Dear God, Guide us in our goal of being relevant in today’s culture. Help us to find meaning in our worship and draw more people together to support our community. Guide us and give us strength and emanate love.
90. I pray that Central Union Church will have the vision to address our challenges, and the courage to enact that vision.
91. May our church continue to grow! More youth to go to church!
92. Pray for committee to engage for the future’s of the church and churches. The key is to pray that those who are not interested will realize that to live amongst each other we must think alike to change to the new modern world and believe in our God.
93. My prayer is that Central Union Church continues to be a place of welcoming, love, and spirituality. In Jesus name. Amen
94. I pray that the congregation will respond positively to the challenges that we face and that we will overcome the coming.
95. In God’s hand “I pray that this church will one day fulfill their dreams.”
96. Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for loving us and providing us with a loving and warm church home. We ask for your guidance in making wise decisions for the future of our church home.
97. Pastor David, Very good presentation. My prayer is that what has been expressed is made doable and part of our legacy –
98. I pray that we discern that our “challenges” are actually “opportunities.” Opportunities to seek new and enduring ways to serve our community… In real, tangible, and meaningful ways. Ways that are spiritual yet relevant, with an eye always raised to Christ who is watching over us all.
99. Based on information we make the optimal decision for our church and community.