Friends, happy Easter! Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! We hope that your Easter was a joyful one as we celebrated that the tomb is empty and Christ lives!

We share this Easter poem written by our own Marion Lyman-Mersereau. We hope that you find it meaningful as you live out resurrection in your lives.

Alleluia! – An Easter Poem
April 2021

Christ the Lord is risen today!

through these weeks of lent
we have spent
time apart
and time together
yet the one who was heaven sent
went alone
he confronted the fallen angel
and throughout the duration
of each temptation
he used wisdom as his weapon
he said
bread satisfies body but not soul
he said
you shall not test my faith – it’s what makes me whole
he said
enough with your siren song – be gone from your lofty knoll
and know the power of love
shall always overcome the love of power
not once did he cower
as he suffered in solitary
yet he knew the strength of community
so he gathered his twelve
who marveled at his miracles
like we who delve in the fantastical stuff
when how he lived and what he taught
is miracle enough
o’er all the way green palms were raised
with glory, laud and honor they praised him
as he rode on in majesty
astride a humble donkey
into the holy city
still each hosanna
like the manna
that fed his forebears
vanished swiftly
Passover supper revealed signs
as he and his twelve dined
with blessed bread and wine
he asked for remembrance
of his body and blood
we know well the painted portrayal
followed by betrayal
how his friends failed
to rally to his side
to abide with him
as he struggled against
a rising tide
of ways and wills
how his skills of reason
finally surrendered
and he tendered his life –

so whenever we miss the mark
or are moved from light to dark
his selfless action alone atones
and from beneath our empty cross
we are ever given an opportunity
together in community
to shout Alleluia!
to realize Christ is risen each day
when we love and serve
when we follow Christ’s way
Christ the Lord is risen today!

—Marion Lyman-Mersereau