Today’s Reading: Mark 11:1-11

In the past when I’ve read this passage, what has struck me was the colt: the humble animal, not fully grown, not yet at full strength. It isn’t the royal steed of a king, yet it is the colt that Jesus chooses to ride into Jerusalem. To be sure, it is a compelling piece of the story and it tells us something about the nature of Christ.

Yet what strikes me in my reading this time are the people: the disciples and the crowd. I am inspired by what they do, what they give, and what it may have cost them. The scripture says the two disciples laid their cloaks upon the colt for Jesus to ride upon and the crowd laid their cloaks upon the road. It’s what they would do to honor a great king. I can’t imagine that cloaks were easy to come by in Jesus’ day, though! They would have been important, treasured items, particularly among the poor. They were used not only for warmth on the road, but as blankets at home. They were necessary items for one to have! To allow a colt to walk on them was a great sacrifice and a wonderful blessing to bestow upon someone.

We know from the rest of the story that the crowd (and even the disciples) don’t “get it”; they don’t understand Christ’s kingship. Yet, in some way, they knew. They saw and recognized the reality; they just misunderstood the details. I wonder… if I had been there, would I have even recognized as much truth as they did? Would I recognize it today? Do I recognize that-of-God in those I meet? Or do I look with the eyes of a skeptic?

I am inspired today to try harder and pray more for my eyes to be open and clear so I can recognize the royalty in each person I meet.

What inspiration do you find in this story?