Today’s Reading: Isaiah 7:14, 11:1-10

Today, I invite you to read and reflect on the scripture and the following poem. Which word or phrase speaks to you most this Advent season? What do you find most challenging? What truth do the scripture or poem hold for you today?

“O Emmanuel” by Malcolm Guite
O come, O come, and be our God-with-us,
O long-sought with-ness for a world without,
O secret seed, O hidden spring of light.
Come to us, Wisdom, come unspoken Name,
Come Root, and Key, and King, and holy Flame,
O quickened little wick so tightly curled,
Be folded with us into time and place,
Unfold for us the mystery of grace
And make a womb of all this wounded world.
O heart of heaven beating in the earth,
O tiny hope within our hopelessness,
Come to be born, to bear us to our birth,
To touch a dying world with new-made hands
And make these rags of time our swaddling bands.