‘Our world is upside down,’ a professor would always declare. The statement is the acknowledgement that something is askew within humanity. When profits are put before people; when self-advancement is celebrated more than the communal spirit; where violence is the answer rather than diplomacy—something is askew.
The goal of our faith is to help us see the world… right-side up! It is to have a new vision where there is enough for all; where we peaceably dwell together; a world in which the order of life is as it was meant to be (just imagine the Garden of Eden!)

Today, read Isaiah 11:1-10.
In the first section, we gain insight into the impact of the Spirit resting on this promised one. What words are used to help us gain insight into the character of the Messiah? There is something refreshingly different about the way of this one called by God. There is something, well, authentic—true, right and whole.

In making the world right, even the typical circle of life changes! A lion laying down with a lamb? The image is clear—the predator will dwell peaceably with the prey; the strong will dwell with the weak; the right-siding of the world will even be revealed in a child leading the way! How profoundly hopeful!! May we seek, and share, this image of God’s Kingdom that is breaking into our existence bit by bit!