Reflections for your week

Each Wednesday, we will share a devotional written by one of our ministers or someone from the CUC community. A devotional typically includes a Bible scripture and a short reflection. We invite you to use these devotionals to support you in meditation, prayer, and reflection throughout the week.

You can also read Daily Devotionals from the United Church of Christ!


January 11, 2024

"If we are going to trust our belovedness, could we see and receive our baptism as an affirmation from our Heavenly Parent? We should remember that we belong to God. Read more

January 10, 2024

"This image offers a snapshot of Jesus right before he steps into his calling, on the threshold of spectacular affirmation. He is completely suspended, embraced, and upheld by the waters Read more

January 9, 2024

Trust your belovedness. Let it be a protest, an act of resistance, a song of celebration. Trust your belovedness in a world that is rarely satisfied. Wear it like a Read more

January 8, 2024

We began our series by acknowledging our weariness and we conclude with trusting our belovedness; ultimately, our joy is rooted in the fact that we belong to God. In the Read more

January 7, 2024

“I must tell you that claiming your own blessedness always leads to a deep desire to bless others. . . . It is remarkable how easy it is to bless Read more

January 6, 2024

A prayer for Epiphany: God of the weary traveler, our feet are dusty from the roads we’ve traveled this past week, this past year, every day of our lives. We’ve Read more

January 5, 2024

Oh weary soul return to the place your body knows Retrace the well-worn pathways deep etched into your bones Relax your weary muscles from daily stress and struggles Let muscle Read more