Scripture: Romans 8:28

My stepfather, Kyle, is an artist by trade. He is gifted at all kinds of art, but his specialty is stained glass. Growing up, our home was full of beautiful and elaborate pieces. When we would watch television as a family, Kyle would often be working. He would have dozens of small, uniquely-shaped pieces of glass of every color laid out and as we watched, he would wrap their edges in a special foil.

Many times, we would ask Kyle what the glass pieces were for. How would they be put together? What would they make? Kyle would simply say, “Wait and see.” We could never guess from those small pieces what pattern would be formed or what person or creature would emerge when they were fitted together. It wasn’t until later, when they had been soldered together and became one piece, that we could step back and see the whole picture. We needed a larger perspective in order to truly appreciate the beauty and the meaning before us.

So it is with our lives. Things happen in our lives each day; we make decisions, choose paths and build bonds with others. As we walk this journey of life, we pray and do our best to follow God’s call. The truth is, though, discernment is hard! I hope I’m not alone, but I am rarely certain that I’m on the right path in the moment I make a decision. I don’t have the perspective; I can’t see the big picture. It’s not until a later time when I’m looking back at that decision, at that single piece of glass, that I can see how God used it and brought things together for my good.

Today, I encourage you to think back to a big decision you’ve made in your life, one that you weren’t sure about at the time. How can you see God’s work in that now?