“On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul.” – Psalm 138:3 

In the July 8th Devotional I introduced the late Nan Merrill.  Nan Merrill was an author, spiritual director, and more who is perhaps best known for her book, Psalms for Praying.  In the introduction to her book she writes, “Praying the Psalms with heartfelt attention and intention can be a step toward our souls awakening to the Love Consciousness being brought into the light out of the ashes of terror and destruction in our day.  To pray is to be transformed…May the prayers of all who read, pray, or sing the Psalms help awaken us to the Peace of the Beloved indwelling in every soul.

The lectionary brings us to Psalm 138.  May Nan’s spirit filled interpretation of the psalm lead us into prayer.

I give You thanks, O Blessed One, with my whole heart; before all the people I sing your praise; I was humbled when I came to see that You dwell in me, in the Sacred Chapel of all souls; my gratitude knows no bounds! 

For You are the Holy One, the Life of our life. 

On the day that I called, You answered me; the strength of my soul You increased. 

All the leaders of the earth shall one day praise You, when your Spirit Awakens in every heart; And they shall proclaim the new dawn of Life and Love. 

Great will be the radiation of your Glory! 

For even as You are the Most High, You are Friend to the lowly; the arrogant close their hearts to your love and guidance. 

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve my life; You are a very Presence as I face my fears and doubts; Your strength upholds me. 

You guide me as I pray to fulfill my purpose on earth; You do not forsake those who call upon You.

Your steadfast Love and Truth endures forever.