Today, I invite you pray and reflect on these excerpts from “Welcome Home” by Joel McKerrow. What is God calling you to create?
To the Artist.
To those chasers of beauty, to the curious, to the inquisitive.
To those seekers of stories, pens poised on the edges of paper,
To those who go to birthday parties, fleck of paint still plastered through curly hair.
To the hopeful. To the determined.
To those few who look through lenses to capture moments, see glimpses of what could be.

To the artist and to those who have forgotten that they are so.
The child who put away their paint brush, ballet shoes left dusty in the back bits of attics.
To the memory of crayons and drawings pinned up on fridges.
To the students whose teachers took their own failures and transposed them upon you.
To the burdened shoulders and the clipped wings and to those have never tried again.
To the artist, and to those who have forgotten that they are so… Welcome Home.

To those who see what lies on the underside sighs of humanity.
To the ones who choose to feel, though at times it may tear them apart,
Feel the things that everyone else is afraid to feel.
To those who paint the darkness so that the darkness does not paint them,
To the discarded and disregarded,

I bid you to stay a while. Take your shoes off, lay down your sword.
Weary soul, find rest. Welcome home.

You do not need to look over your shoulder here, you do not need to compare.
No measurement. No success. No failure. Just create. Never give up.
Take charge of the dreams you once thought too far past the horizon.
The simple joy of being here, the art of creating when you no longer need an audience.

Create cause it makes your bones move.
Create cause it stirs the belly fire.
Create cause you dream.
Create because you see.
Create because the world needs you.
Create because it fills the sails, then let’s go fly a kite.
Welcome, welcome, welcome home.