“O Give thanks to the LORD, for God is good; God’s steadfast love endures forever” —Psalm 107:1


Friends, let our voices join with Nan Merrill as she leads us to pray through the Psalms.  Pray with us Psalm 107:1-9, 43.

We give thanks to You, who are the Source of Love; whose Light shines forth throughout the universe! 

Come, awaken our hearts that we might do your Work; for, without You, we can do nothing; ‘tis your Love that loves through us. 

Gather us in from all the lands, from the east and the west, from the south and the north.  Let all who are hungry and thirsty whose souls are faint within them, cry out to the Most Merciful to give them succor, to nourish them with healing love; for fear cannot live where love, grace, and gentleness abide. 

Enter into the Great Silence, where you may hear the voice of the Beloved, who satisfies the hungry soul, and quenches the thirsty with streams of Living Water.

Whoever is wise, let them ponder these things, let all people reflect on the gifts of the Beloved.