Scripture – Job 12:7-10
In the United Church of Christ denomination, we have an oft-repeated motto: “God is still speaking.” When we profess this, we are saying we believe that God’s truth and teachings aren’t contained only in scripture and history, but that they continue to break forth today. One place I most strongly hear God’s still-speaking voice is in nature, for there are many lessons to be learned.

This week, as I sat outside reading a book, I noticed a trail of ants heading to a cracker that had been dropped. If I’m being honest, my first thoughts were “Ew!” and “Where’s the broom?” As I kept watching, though, I began to appreciate the beauty of what was happening. These simple little creatures weren’t only collecting food for themselves. They were working for the good of their whole colony and seemed to be doing so in total cooperation. They were bringing back food for thousands of others who were working just as hard: protecting the colony, tending to the young, laying eggs, or scouting for potential new food sources. Watching the ants made me reflect on our own human communities and on God’s call for us to selflessly care and provide for all people. It made me wonder how many lives our church community could touch if we operated with such selflessness, cooperation, and trust in one another. Of course, it’s not a perfect analogy, yet it inspired me to strive harder for those qualities.
What other lessons might we learn from the earth? From the animals? From the plants and trees? Today, I encourage you to reflect on one aspect of nature and allow it to teach you something about yourself or God.

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though.
That’s the problem.”
-A. A. Milne