I Pray…

1. Lord of all things, I thank you for this place that you have established and all of the lives it has touched and blessed. I ask that you continue to provide all that is needed, according to your riches and plans. I ask that you continue to use the ministries of this church to reach the people and to make yourself known. Fill us with the faith needed to move forward, the wisdom to move according to your direction and the peace to wait to see your will accomplished. Thy will be done. Amen
2. Dear Lord, Continue to shine on Central Union Community. We have been blessed thus far and we have faith that through you we will continue to blossom and grow. Amen
3. I pray that God continues to bless this place with great leaders that will continue the legacy of the church and preschool.
4. God, grant us Abundance and prosperity. Lift us up to continue serving our families and keiki. Thank you for all the blessings of happiness, harmony, good health and friendships.
5. We all come together as one, equal in all things. Wake up each morning.
6. I pray that we not only talk about what we need to do, but will have the strength to take action.
7. Our God, Grant us your courageous vision to be a people on a mission to transform your world. Allow light and life to flow from us and shine into ALL so they may taste heaven on earth, today! Amen
8. Dear God, With gratitude we pray for guidance and blessings to be a church open to YOUR leading–for all who would worship and praise you. As one. Amen.
9. That all will be well, and all will be well.
10. I pray for clarity, that we may all be clear of our mission and what is required to carry it out. May we steward our resources, yet be generous with what we have. I pray that we will all realize we are ONE so that we can work better together.
11. Lord, Please give us a marketing person to promote our church through innovative ideas.
12. I pray for strong leadership and happiness.
13. God grants me another day of life–for without life, there is nothing.
14. May God Bless and guide the Director of the Preschool, the Teachers, and staff, as well as the Pastor and staff of the church to find a resolution for our needs present and the future. In God’s hand we leave our needs. Amen!
15. God, I pray, thank your for CUC and preschool. Thank you for the many blessings that it provides for families, children, individuals and the community. May you continue your many blessings as we continue living this amazing life here on the island and earth. In your holy name, Amen.
16. I hope this church and preschool can thrive for many more centuries and for the Hawaii community, as well. Thank you!
17. Dear God, Pray over the well-being of Central Union Church and Preschool. May we be filled with compassion, understanding, love and respect as we continue to do our best to help our the children of the community. Love and God Bless!
18. Dear God, Please bless CUPS EVERY day. All day bless all the people that enter and leave our campus! AMEN
19. Lord, we thank  you for your many blessings upon this church and it’s community. We ask that you continue striving our way to the future, help us to use your love in many ways to move us forward. Amen.
20. Dear God, Creator. I pray your divine love upon the leaders of CUC that wise, genuine, loving decisions are made for the good of ALL to bring forth the best in ALL to take us into the future together, in agreement, consensus in love. Amen.
21. Help us Lord to embrace reality, be bold in our actions, and steadfast in our mission.
22. Help us Lord get through the everyday functions and expenses to keep this sacred place we call your Sanctuary of faith. Bless the workers who tries their very best to run and manage the continued issues we face.
23. May there be a generous donor who will enable the preschool to fund Phase II and possible start on Phase III in the near future.
24. God please help us to work together to address and overcome the many challenges that we face so that we may continue to grow and spread your love with others.
25. God, Life the mist from the eyes of all, to see the path before us. Let us walk, as one, down the path to a prosperous and glorious future.
26. XOXO You Da Best God! 🙂
27. Dear God, Thank you for blessing us with this place and each other. We ask that you watch over us and allow our keiki to grow in this amazing place.
28. God hear my prayer. Bless this church and all who love it. Amen
29. Dear God, Please continue to look after us and guide us with your love and strength to overcome all obstacles and pull together as one. Thank you!!! 🙂
30. Dear God, My prayer is that we can come together as a community to join innovative ideas, the devotion to the church and preschool, the compassion for one another to move the school and church into the future.
31. Please lead the church and preschool staff in the right direction. Guide them to continue their work to keep this church and preschool running for the future.
32. Dear God, Please bless the church to survive through their hardships and hopefully be able to raise money for funding the campuses. – Amen
33. Please watch over us as we move into a “new direction” with new church ideas and new classrooms. Please bless us with peace and happiness.
34. To help guide the leaders of the church to steward the money wisely.
35. We are all one team.
36. Help us to remember that we have nothing to fear for the future, except that we forget how God has led us in the past. No matter our challenges, we choose to trust you and to follow your leading.
37. Let God watch over these people of faith, continue their mission in the community. Amen
38. Dear God, Please bless everyone in our campus, our community to have the courage to fight the challenges.
39. God of possibilities, Dare us to move. Dare us to trust. Dare us to love those who would change us. Amen
40. Please let those that need help to see the light to move forward, open their eyes to what can be. When you try.
41. Holy one, you are the author of life, the Creator of all that is. You have blessed us beyond measure, both individually and as a community. You have gifted and guided us for 180 years now. We come to you again, asking for your Spirit to guide us into the future. Inspire us to be good stewards of the resources you have given us that we might shine your light and love into our community. Bless us and be with us.
42. Dear Lord – help us to be financially sound and making wise decisions on the leadership parts that will affect the here and now and future to come. Anonymous