June 28, 2023

This week’s devotion comes from Hope for the Journey, a devotional series written by Dave and Ann Smazik.

Much of what we can consume on a daily basis has been altered.   The continual advance of technology and science has created a context in which there is an increasing need to ‘read the label’, ‘confirm the source’, ‘check the facts’, and so on.  What in life has not been tainted, modified, touched-up?  The pure, unaltered, steadfast love that God has for each of us, known to us in the context of Christ.   

We are repeatedly reminded in scripture’s poetry, prophets and parables, narratives, and letters that God’s love cannot be changed; it is immutable.  As we think and meditate on this love, we are enfolded into eternal communion with God.  As we think and meditate on this love, we are altered.   In the context of Christ’s presence, the confirmed source of this pure love, our unaltered purpose in life becomes the expression of this love in all our actions to all God’s children.  

“Finally beloved…what is pure…think about these things.” (Philippians 4:8)