Yesterday, you began the journey to exploring a broader path of prayer.  This practice, of using our sacred text to guide your prayers, allows us to get out of the driver seat and telling God what to do and instead allows the Spirit to gently come and nudge us, inspire us and transform us.  And if truth be told, nothing in the spiritual life worth anything is fast.  If you use the imagery of cooking, microwave spirituality tends to yield little growth and isn’t able to sustain through the seasons of life for that which comes quickly also leaves quickly.  Whereas crockpot spirituality tends to infuse the richness of Spirit, life and experience into a delectable soul. And this takes time and attention.

Today, I invite you to review the way of Lectio Divina once more and take this practice to another text.  A few to choose from: Psalm 23; Psalm 25:4-11; Matthew 5:43-48; or Mark 4:1-9.  I trust the Spirit’s work will continue in you and through you this day!