The very essence of the story of God is love. 1 John dares to name the essence of God by saying God is love! Some have even said that to talk about God (called theology) is to entertain conversations about love. For the rest of this week, we will dive into the rudimentary teaching of Jesus…which is love.

One of the formative texts for all Jewish people is Deuteronomy 6. This section of the Hebrew Scriptures is often referred to as The Shema. Shema is Hebrew for hear/listen. Interesting that the core teaching is a call to listen, an expectation of hearing the voice of God, which is rooted in love. As you prepare to read this, pause for a moment and pray this profoundly simple prayer—Grant me ears that may hear the whispers of Your Spirit.

Now, read Deuteronomy 6:4-19 (pay particular attention to 6:4-5). When summarizing the Law of God, whether the 10 Commandments or the whole of the Law, the heart of the law is the call to put into action the way of God, the way of love. Jesus roots his teaching in his deep affinity to the law of love. Jesus’ actions and teachings are the fleshing out of the law that humanity has struggled with, for all of time. As you contemplate the words of the Shema, I wonder what the law of love looks like in your life. For a moment, write out what the law of love means to you. Save this to review each day!