Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior. Psalm 25:4-5

I invite you to not only read this passage daily, but to allow it to be your prayer. Begin each day reciting this, slowly reading it a few times, as your prayer for illumination this week.

The essence of our faith is one marked by a journey. Perhaps that is why the earliest name of the Church is The Way. It invokes a sense of movement, of growth, of going somewhere. If faith is stagnant and unchangeable, it ceases to be a faith that inspires and transforms. Instead, it becomes ideals at best, wishful fantasy at worst.

Throughout the scriptures, there is an admonishment to grow, to learn and to follow the path that is illumined before us (Ps 119:105). Our scripture at the top of the page reminds us that we are being molded, or taught, the ways of God. We continue to seek the higher way and, learn from the heart of God, how our lives are to be lived vibrantly and fully (John 10:10).

In the Gospel according to John, the first encounter of Jesus with the disciples is an interchange in which they attribute a title to Jesus: Rabbi. John 1:38 states, Jesus saw them following and asked, ‘What do you want?’ They said, ‘Rabbi’ (which means Teacher) where are you staying?’ ‘Come and see,’ Jesus replied. Not only did they see Jesus as one who could teach them, they are then invited to be learners (disciple is the Christian word) of Jesus when he states, come and see. While the question wasn’t directly about teaching them the depth of God’s wisdom, their inquiry showed a willingness to learn and a trust that Jesus could teach them.

I’d like to believe that God is always inviting us with that open ended phrase, Come and see! It is through our seeking, seeing and receiving that we begin to follow the way of Christ. This week, I pray that your spirit is teachable, as we continue to seek after the one who shows the way of life and faith!