Scripture: John 1:6-8, 19-28

Jane Nagel

Imagine the joy in knowing that you were sent to witness to the coming of THE LIGHT in a

period of darkness. Joy in knowing, feeling, that you were sent by God for a great purpose.

In some ways an easy thing to be… so simple. In other ways a difficult task to be THE VOICE

standing up in darkness to witness to the light.

What did this mean to John? John is so sure, so resolute in his knowledge that God has sent

him to prepare the way as predicted by Isaiah. John has studied and knows the prophecies and

is ready to take on this role as it has been taught to him.

Are we like John? Are we the John’s of today? Can we be as sure as he that we are sent by God

to proclaim Jesus as the LIGHT in a time of darkness? Can we feel the joy John felt as one surely

sent by God to witness to others. A huge task?

John’s questioners had not yet met Jesus, but we have come afterwards and have heard Jesus’

words. Does this make our task easier?

God asks us to be his hands and feet in the world. If we are like John the Baptist we are also

God’s voice in God’s world, telling all the Good News of the coming of Jesus. I pray for the

courage to be a John the Baptist for God.

Joy Marshall

I love scriptures about baptism as it always brings to mind mine.

I was 8 years old, and i pleaded with my Daddy to baptize me.  Now, what you need to know is that I was raised on a pew.  My Dad was a Christian minister, so I heard his sermons from the time they took me home with them.  And my Mom was my first Sunday School teacher. that and what we studied at home.  Fathers day was coming and I wanted to give my heart to Jesus.  I could think of no other thing, it was my strong desire.  I wanted to be a Christian.

My Father questioned me and questioned me.  Apparently I answered with enough knowledge and understanding that he was satisfied that i knew the extent of the lifetime commitment i wanted to make.

I expect in our scripture John 1, John was honored to baptize a family member, what an honor.   My sons who have baptized their sons tell me there is a special pride and bond in doing this.

This was a humbling experience for John, stating he was not worthy to even stoop down and loose his cousins sandals.

So as we WATCH and wait the coming of our Lord, we must remain humble with a committed heart to HIM

Maurina Ludwig

In the two passages John came to bear witness or to give a testimony about Jesus to aid in producing belief in those who hear.  He was witnessing the truth and giving ground for faith.  He was bearing witness to people to preparing the way of the LORD.

We are currently in Advent Season, a time to remind Christians of the sacred meaning of Christmas.  In spite of the materialistic preparations taking place Advent reminds us to remember and prepare for the birth of Jesus by trying to become better.  As sinners, we are always fall short of His glory.  John was reminding us to “make straight the way for the Lord.”  We have to let go of things binding us down to this world and prepare to receive Jesus in our hearts.