Service of Installation of The Rev. A. Rushan Sinnaduray

On April 14, 2024, we celebrated the installation of Rev. A. Rushan Sinnaduray as our Senior Minister! While Pastor Rushan has been serving at Central Union since September, it was not until this service that we became formal partners in covenanted ministry together, through installation by the O‘ahu Association of the United Church of Christ. The congregation gathered, along with representatives and witnesses from sister UCC churches on O‘ahu. Pastor Rushan committed himself to the church, promising to care for the people, lead by example, and follow faithfully and prayerfully in Christ’s way of compassion. Likewise, the congregation made similar promises to him – to accept and love him, to support his decisions and ministry, and to pray for him and his family.

Timestamps in video:
0:00 – Song: “God Who Sets Us On A Journey” (Words by Joy Dine)
3:55 – Welcome 7:17 – Call to Worship
8:57 – Music: “Let All You Do Be Done In Love” (by Lorna Bright)
11:18 – Reading of “A Step Along the Way”
13:37 – Scripture: Isaiah 43:14-21
15:30 – Scripture: Revelation 21:1-5 (Pohnpeian & English)
18:49 – “One Faith, One Hope, One Lord” (by Craig Courtney)
21:26 – Introduction of Guest Preacher
23:32 – Sermon by John Pavlovitz
39:17 – “I Sohte Kak Kelepw Kohwei Ni Ei Pahn Seilok” (I Can’t Go On This Journey Alone) (Pohnpei Ministry Choir)
43:17 – The Liturgy of Installation
52:37 – Choral Blessing “May the Mystery of God Enfold Us” (by Cowley/Render)
54:46 – Charge to the Minister
59:46 – Charge to the Congregation
1:02:55 – Presentation of Gifts
1:10:57 – Closing Hymn
1:14:17 – Benediction
1:15:38 – Organ Postlude