Give Aloha logo, red heart with five blue wave-like lines that resemble a hand reaching out

Give Aloha in September!

During September, Central Union Church participates in Foodland’s Give Aloha program! Every year Foodland, Sac ‘n Save, and Western Union combine to donate money to the charities that are important to their customers in Hawai‘i.

For each dollar given, Foodland and the Western Union Foundation will match a portion of that donation, up to a total of $250,000 for all organizations combined. Donor names will be confidential and will not be released.

You can pay your September pledge or donate up to a cumulative total of $249 (per Maika‘i cardholder, per organization).

Go to Foodland with your Maika‘i card [free at any Foodland service counter] and go to any cash register to pay your donation with cash, check or credit card, naming Central Union Church-#78511 as a recipient. You will receive two receipts with your name, Central Union Church’s name, and the donation amount on them. Keep one for your records and turn one into the church office by mail so you will get credit on your giving statement. All receipts are due into the church office by October 15, 2022.

Central Union Church – #78511
Central Union Preschool – #78270

PLEASE pay your September pledge, or give an extra donation, through “Give Aloha!”

We benefit tremendously from Foodland’s generosity, but only if you go to Foodland in September and donate. Thank you for all your support and let’s make your money go further through “Give Aloha”!

Questions?  Please call or email Leslie at 808-440-3015 /