Give Aloha in September!

Throughout the month of September, you can donate to Central Union Church and Central Union Preschool at any Foodland checkout through the Give Aloha program! Foodland and the Western Union Foundation will match a portion of each gift with a donation to our organizations, too!

Go to any Foodland cash register with your Maika‘i card (free at any Foodland service counter) and make a donation with cash, check, or credit card, naming Central Union Church #78511 or Central Union Preschool #78270 as a recipient. You can donate any amount, up to a total of $249 (per person, per organization). You can submit your receipt (which will list your Maika‘i number, our organization’s name, and the donation amount) to the church office by mail, or in the collection plate, to get credit on your giving statement. This is a great way to pay your September pledge!

PLEASE pay your September pledge, or give an extra donation, through Give Aloha this September! We benefit tremendously from Foodland’s generosity, but only if you go to Foodland in September and donate. Mahalo for your support! Let’s make our money go further through “Give Aloha”!

If you have questions, you may contact our Comptroller, Angie Barboza, at (808) 440-3017 or

Give Aloha codes:

Central Union Church – #78511
Central Union Preschool – #78270