Today’s Reading: Mark 14:32-42

Each time I read this story of Jesus praying in Gethsemane, it wrenches my gut. My heart breaks as Jesus cries out to God, pleading for a different ending to his story, yet willing to walk the path laid out for him.

What strikes me in my reading today is Jesus’ request to his disciples. Three times, he asks or even begs them to stay awake with him while he prays. Why? He doesn’t need them to keep watch to protect him; he knows that would be futile. He doesn’t ask them to come and pray with him, for he seeks solitude, telling them, “Remain here.” The reason, I think, is even more gut-wrenching. Jesus is scared. He just wants to know that someone he loves is there with him, that even if they aren’t right next to him, even if they aren’t speaking or interacting, they are holding vigil with him. In the darkest times of my own life, I, too, have sought this. Have you?

My inspiration today comes not from something said in this story, but from feeling close and connected to Christ, from allowing my heart to break with his.

Where do you find inspiration in this story?