It is one of those philosophical conundrums…is the glass half-empty or half-full? This mystery of the ages finds its answer in the perception one has of that glass. So one person could argue that it is half empty due to the fact that they see what isn’t there…the other debates that it is clearly half full because they see what is in there. And, both are correct.

Yet, when you take this silly argument and start paying attention to their lives, you often find that their stance on this philosophical question is their typical stance in life as well. Are they “Glass Full” people (GFP) or are they “Glass Empty” people (GEP). This isn’t a value statement of good or bad, it is a matter of how we experience, or at least perceive, life.

I have found that the longer I walk the way of faith, the more I have become filled with hope. I suppose I am a GFP person as I am optimistic that God is at work more than I can see, feel or even perceive. That is the faith part…trusting even when it doesn’t always make sense. Just think of Noah and his ark! I like Hebrews 11 and the reminder of those who dwelled in the land of GFP and saw God do remarkable things. The chapter begins with a simple statement of faith: “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Go ahead, read it again! It seems that there is a partnership between faith and hope that grants us the ability to walk into the unknown future, or sit in the abstraction of the moment, and know that God is stirring while we patiently await the realization of God’s work!