One of the mysterious and striking images of Jesus is when he is encompassed by the crowds and he has the awareness of what is actually happening around him. For example, there is a moment where he is being swallowed by the crowd and yet notices a man in a tree and invites him down to engage with him.

Or when people are pressing in around him vying for his attention and one touches his cloak, not even his body, but he senses it! Read Luke 8:40-48. In a place of mindfulness, Jesus was able to fully see, and sense, the moment. Instead of focusing on the noise and the crowds, Jesus seemingly is able to be in a state of connectedness. He sensed what this woman had done, for he was aware that something was different.

I have found mindful people see, experience and live as though a portal to a larger world is at hand. They are connected to God but also connected to others. They live in the midst of the fullness of our normal time and space yet seem to be able to grasp the larger reality here. Jesus refers to this as the Kingdom of God which is breaking into our time and space. While many seemingly miss it, undoubtedly there are many others that dwell in this rich world.

In our Christian language, the word salvation has been heavily tainted with the notion of ‘what happens after we die.’ It is too bad for the word is much richer. We are being saved daily, or perhaps more appropo in our time, are awakening to God. The vast majority of Jesus’ teaching is dealing with the now—relationships, our addiction to stuff/money, and experiencing God in the here and how. Today, I hope you awaken a bit more to the fullness of what is…for what is, is the gift we are desiring!