Pastor Brandon: Do you have any questions for us Mary?

Pastor Mary: I do have a question. How do we become courageous?

Pastor David: So my simple answer is that no one is given any more courage than anyone else. It’s a matter of being willing to take a next step. And taking that next step is the act of courage. Not some quality that one has or one doesn’t have.

And so to me, courage, and faith are intertwine because most people aren’t courageous until after something courageous has happened. And then we look back and say it’s courageous. What do you think?

Pastor Brandon: Yeah, I think I’m largely on the same page. To me, I think of courage more as a muscle that you build over time then as a special talent that you’re born with.

But I guess I also want to believe, and I don’t know if it’s true, but I want to believe that everyone just like everyone has muscles, I want to believe that everyone has courage. I think that there’s things that we do that are courageous, that we don’t necessarily think of as courageous.

Pastor David: Such as?

Pastor Brandon: Well, I think that for some people, just getting up in the morning and going out and about their day, tackling their to-do list or taking care of a parent or child. I mean, I think that takes faith, courage, and hope.

So, I think that courage is something that we build on and we grow in partly by the opportunities that we’re given to speak out or to listen, or to do something that we might think of as courageous. But I think another way, is just recognizing that some of the things that we’re already doing are courageous. I also think that that’s part of our job as a church. I think part of our job is naming certain realities so. I think part of encouraging one another is just helping people see the ways that they are being courageous.

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