“…the righteous will never be moved; they will be remembered forever.  They are not afraid of evil tidings; their hearts are firm, secure in the LORD.” – Psalm 112:6-7 

Psalm 112 is meant to be memorized.  In Hebrew this Psalm is an acrostic poem with each phrase starting with the sequential letters of the Hebrew alphabet (aleph, beth, gimel, daleth, etc).  This construction gives the reader a tool for memorizing the prayer.  While you may not remember the whole prayer today, I encourage you to find one line and make it your meditation for this weekend.

Find a space for prayer, center your heart, and read Nan Merrill’s interpretation of Psalm 112 from her book Psalms for Praying.

Praises be to You, O Gracious One! 

Blessed are those who reverence the Holy One, who delight in Love Consciousness! 

For they dwell with the Beloved and their children will learn of peace and justice. 

Abundance and wholeness will be their heritage, and truth will be their banner. 

Light penetrates the darkness for those who face their fears; Love stands by them with mercy and forgiveness. 

It goes well for those who are loving and kind, who live their days with justice and integrity. 

They become co-creators with the Divine One; they bless the world with their presence. 

In times of trouble, they know not fear; their hearts are firm, trusting in your Loving Companion Presence. 

Yes, their hearts are steady, they are not afraid, even their enemies are blessed by their love. 

They are generous and give freely; the needy are offered shelter and food; justice and mercy make their home there; and their righteousness endures forever. 

The unloving are witness to this; who knows when the Seed will find a fertile heart? 

The fruits of those who know Love are blessing to all!