Today’s Reading: Matthew 2:1-12

I’m a big fan of astronomy. I love to watch astronomy documentaries and even took a couple of astronomy classes in college. I am ever amazed by the size and complexity of our universe and with new discoveries being made all the time, there is always more to learn!

Apparently the Magi were also big astronomy fans! We hardly know anything about these mysterious characters who appear at the manger after following a star. Contrary to what church tradition tells us, the scripture doesn’t say how many of them there were and there is no indication that they were kings. We don’t know how far or how long they had been traveling. All we know is that they journeyed from the east because of some astronomical anomaly they saw in the sky. They took it as a sign and followed it in order to pay homage to the “one born the king of the Jews.”

Christians have long tried to find an explanation for what it was that the Magi saw in the sky. I suppose we like having answers, especially when we want something to be true so much. For me, though, the mystery is part of what makes the story fill me with so much wonder. We will never know what they saw that sparked them to undertake that journey to see Christ. Instead, we can focus on our own Christmas journeys.

What do we see that leads us to the manger at Christmastime? Are we watching for it as diligently as the Magi were? Are we paying attention? What do we need to do so our hearts are open to the journey?