Handel’s Messiah is certainly a ‘must experience’ every year! This masterpiece invites us to dive deeply into our faith, to be inspired anew. The movement leads us from Prophetic expectation to fulfillment in the Christ, to the ultimate victory of God. The most well-known piece, The Hallelujah Chorus, gives the listener chicken-skin each time! The Hallelujahs grant us a taste of heaven!

Yet there is another well-known piece. I’d like to invite you to first read Isaiah 9:2-7. Then take a few minutes and listen to the piece For Unto Us a Child is Born. (just type it into YouTube and a plethora of recordings will appear!) To hear it through song may grant a greater vision of the power of this passage.
Now that you have listened to this piece once again, what emotions do you feel? Each time I hear this piece, it makes me smile. The hope of Isaiah’s passage radiates thousands of years after it was written. Today, I want to invite you to write out the four promising images of this child found in verse six. Next to each title, spend some time contemplating what this title means for you. Secondly, what do these titles mean for Jesus?