“…encourage each other every day, as long as it’s called ‘today’” – Hebrews 3:13a

The images of Valentine’s Day are well known: hearts, boxes of chocolate, red flowers, etc.   The day doubles-down on one expression of love.  Celebrating romantic love or eros in the Greek is certainly a good thing.  However, celebrating it at the expense of other forms of love is needlessly self-limiting.

The scriptures, and our lives, are full of examples of other expressions of love.  We know of the love that connects friends, siblings, grandparents and grandchildren.  It is love that holds the body of Christ together and it is the bond of love that ties a church to its wider community.

Regardless of your relationship status, the truth of the matter is that you are a part of a web of love that weaves us together.  So let us expand the boundaries of Valentine’s Day.  Afterall, Saint Valentine is more than just the patron saint of romantic love.  Let us take the opportunity, while it is still called today, to vocalize and share our appreciation for the many forms of love that are present in our lives.

Share your gratitude for the different forms of love that connect you with a close friend, a parent or child, a mentor or a colleague.  The expressions of love go well beyond cupids and candy.  May the Holy Spirit inspire you with creativity as you share your gratitude for the different ways love touches your life.