Abraham is remembered for his towering faith; his being the father of the family of “Abrahamic Faiths” including Islam, Judaism and Christianity; and his profound example of walking in faith, not perfectly, but honestly.  At the end of his days, there is a beautiful tribute given to this man.

Genesis 25:7-8 records Abraham’s epitaph. It beautifully states,

Abraham lived to the age of 175. Abraham took his last breath and died after a good, long life, a content old man, and he was placed with his ancestors.

A lifetime of trusting God, of living faithfully, of experiencing the highs and lows of each human experience, the wonder of seeing the promises of God fulfilled and ending his days in a state of contentment.

Wouldn’t that be a beautiful statement for each of us—that we lived a good life (because we trusted in God), we lived long (life is a gift!); we were known as content (okay with who we are and why we have been here); and we gather in the great throng of our ancestors, rejoicing that we are with each other and with God!