Over the last couple of weeks we completed our study of the Minor Prophets.  The books of the Minor Prophets complete the Old Testament and lead us to the intertestamental period.  There are about 400 years between the thing page that separates Malachi chapter 4 and Matthew chapter 1.  This was a period of waiting.
This week Cassie Chee and Brandon Duran join together in a conversation about waiting.  Our society puts a premium on immediacy and productivity.  Waiting is often seen as an annoyance to be endured, or better yet, avoided.  However, the scripture gives us another perspective on waiting.  Perhaps there are gifts in the pauses that dot our life.  Join with Cassie and Brandon in the conversation as they look for spiritual truths about waiting to guide us deeper in faith.
Check out these verses that correspond to today’s video: Verses James 1:2-4, Romans 8:22-27