This week’s devotion comes from Hope for the Journey, a devotional series written by Dave and Ann Smazik.

Philippians 4:8 continues to challenge our thinking with deeper, more abstract attributes of faith that compel us to apply their practical truth in our everyday lives.  Today we are challenged to think about that which is commendable: “Finally, beloved…whatever is commendable…think about these things.” 

What causes us to take notice, is above the ordinary, and garners respect that we commend?  At a time in life that demands from us to think on a deeper level, we must find ways to applaud that which is worthy.  It is easy to gauge something as commendable according to a personal scale of worthiness.  But what is causing us to take notice that is Christ-like in nature?  What can we commend that is an extraordinary expression of God at work?  What exists in each of our lives that is worthy on the standard of Christ?  May we align our thoughts with Christ’s on this day and find ways to commend that which is true, honorable, just, pure and agreeable.