Scripture- Psalm 19:1-4
When I was growing up, my family would spend a few weeks each summer, and most winters, at a family cabin in northern Wisconsin. “Up North” was a magical place, full of adventure. Because there was no running water, and electricity was scarce, we spent all of our time outside exploring. We canoed, swam, and fished every inch of the large lake and we knew where the turtles and beavers hid. We hiked every trail and could identify tracks of deer, bear, and other animals, and we spent so much time at the bonfire that we knew exactly which constellations could be seen.

Reflecting on Psalm 19, Brian McLaren writes, “The universe is God’s self-expression… God’s work of art, God’s handiwork. All created things speak or sing of the God who made them. If you want to know what the Original Artist is like, a smart place to start would be to enjoy the art of creation.” I didn’t know how much I was learning of God in those simple moments “Up North” until much later. I know now that as I watched the rain dance on the lake, I learned of the joy of God. When the beavers slapped their tails on the water, splashing us as we canoed by, I learned of the humor of God. A mother bear caring for her cub showed me the love of God. And the stars, bright and clear, taught me of the power and absolute grace of God… as well as my own smallness. Sometimes the biggest lessons come from the simplest things.

Do you have a special place where you feel connected to God? What have you learned of the character of God there?

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom”
– Socrates