Today’s Devotional is written by Nathan Wong

Every Wednesday for many months now Central Union Church has been a distribution site for food, coming primarily from the Hawaii Foodbank, but from other sources as well. It is our Serving Aloha, wherein volunteers from CUC join with those from other churches and essentially any who are willing to help, in receiving pallets of produce and assorted foods, organizing and packaging them into manageable units, and distributing them efficiently and with aloha to over 500 households via walk-in or drive-through from 11 AM and 1 PM. As the buzz and chatter of many hands organizing, bagging and positioning food for distribution nears its end, and the time to transition to distribution draws near, a moment of quiet is requested and a prayer like the one that follows might be offered.

E Ke Akua. ‘O ‘Oe Ka Mea Hana Nui, You are the Great Creator, whose hand has made all we know, all we can see, hear, taste, touch, and feel.  For all this we convey our great mahalo.

And on this day of Serving Aloha at Central Union, we humbly ask your blessing on all the hands that have made this passing of food possible:  hands of growing and production; hands of transport and delivery; hands of preparation and packing; hands of giving and receiving.
Be with all the Giving that they in person and/or in spirit join hearts and voices in Laulima, the cooperation of many hands, as your gifts are prepared for Serving with Aloha.
Be with all the Receiving that they not only find sustenance and nourishment in the food, but also experience the aloha with which it is given.
On this day and every day we are reminded of the bounty that by your hand has been laid before us. No keia mea apau, for all these things, we are truly thankful.
Amene, amene, amene.