The idea of enacting justice is something that requires courage and a deeply rooted faith in God’s call to loving kindness. To challenge injustice is to open one’s self to critique, attack and shunning. It is as true on the playground as it is in a boardroom. It is true in City Hall as it is in the neighborhood board meetings.

Yet, if we pay attention to these scriptures, they challenge us to follow the way of God. Deep within the teachings of Israel is the repeated call to speak for the voiceless; to pay attention to the marginalized; and to care for those that struggle to care for themselves. In Deuteronomy 10:12-22, a profound statement is made about God’s request to the people who would be God’s children. Read it for a moment.

A profound statement, isn’t it? Which often begs the question for me, and I hope yourself. What do the politics that you support reveal about your belief in God, and in God’s justice? We live in a time of polarization where a middle has been lost, but more disheartening is the voice of Christians that seemingly have forgotten where we put our trust and the way of Christ. We have settled on a tribalistic view of faith where ‘me-ism’ runs rampant and the outgrowth is a ‘me-istic’ culture often at the expense of others outside of our borders.

Yet the good news of our Gospel is that it has never been bound to geographic boundaries or a single people. Instead, it is good for all of creation! Or else it ceases to be ‘Good News!’ This Gospel teaches us that the idol of me-ism is not the way of God but instead a mutuality of love and support to enact God’s justice is needed…a justice that leads us to restoring that which is broken in our world!