Today, we share with you this prayer by Walter Brueggemann, speaking about God’s call for each of us.


An Answering and refusing


We confess you to be the God who calls,

who wills,

who summons,

who has concrete intentions for your creation,

and addresses human agents who do your will.

We imagine ourselves called by you…

Yet a strange lot:

called but cowardly,

obedient but self-indulgent,

devoted to you, but otherwise preoccupied.

In our strange mix an answering and refusing,

We give thanks for your call.

We pray this day,

for ourselves, fresh vision;

for our friends, great courage,

for those who search for you

in places more dangerous than ours,

deep freedom.

As we seek to answer your call, may we be haunted

by your larger purposes,

We pray in the name of the utterly called Jesus. Amen.