This week’s devotion comes from Hope for the Journey, a devotional series written by Dave and Ann Smazik.

June 7, 2023

Philippians 4:8 continues: “Finally beloved…whatever is honorable…think about these things.” How do we consider and how do we treat what we honor, that which we regard as honorable? We recognize, we protect, and we value.

One of the most jarring behaviors to the religious authorities of Jesus’ day was that he not only sought out but dwelt with individuals considered not to have value by the culture’s norms. Individuals for whom it was thought, by the religious leaders and others, that there was no reason for recognition or protection. If the Son of God, the creator, was drawn to those considered unworthy of honor in a culture or society, what does that say about how should we be directing our thoughts and actions? I believe we must acknowledge those who are not considered worthy of honor in our society, historically and currently. Overtly and covertly. Individually and systemically. Unlike the religious authorities, we must be willing to seek out and dwell with those we need to recognize, protect and value.