What is your context today? Below are 10 questions meant to help you discern your current context. Choose one or two and reflect on where your head and heart are:

1. What am I enjoying about life?

2. Am I taking care of myself physically?

3. Am I letting matters that are out of my control stress me out?

4. What am I looking forward to?

5. Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?

6. What have I been spending the majority of my time on? How do I feel about that?

7. What matters most in my life? 8. What relationships am I investing in?

9. What about the future is worrisome for me today?

10. What about today am I truly grateful for?

In Psalm 54, David is still on the run (see 1 Samuel 23:19-29).

David had been betrayed by the city of Keilah (saved from Philistines). Then he was betrayed by the Ziphites. Everywhere he went people would turn him out and/or report his presence to King Saul, who was still seeking his life.

David was continually jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Feeling trapped, abandoned, and little hope David composed Psalm 54.

“Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me…God, for your sake, help me! / Listen, God—I’m desperate. / Don’t be too busy to hear me. / God is here helping! / God’s on my side”

The psalm reminds me of a line from the spiritual, “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired” by the Rev. Dr. James Cleveland. He sings, “I don’t believe that God has brought me this far to leave me”