I remember the glory days of high school. There were distinct groups that made up our school. We had the jocks and the musicians; the nerds and theater types. I’m sure there were more but the point is this—humanity has naturally migrated to tribal groups. This isn’t bad in itself, for these communities grant us a sense of connection and purpose. They help sustain us as well as challenge us.

The danger of tribalism isn’t that it happens, it is realized in the competition between. Most often this revolves around power, prestige and possessions. One group wants what the other has or one group feels superior to the other and wield their strength over the other. It is the root of countless fights, wars and wakes of pain and sorrow.

Paul was learning, and teaching, how we can gather around something that unifies the community in the face of the unique expressions of the community. He longed for the worshipping communities to celebrate the gifts that another might have and see that they are equally as needed. Therefore, he writes this beautiful analogy of the human body being similar to the Body of Christ (another name for the church). Read 1 Corinthians 12:4-27.
What do you hear in this? Who is the most important person in the church? EVERYONE! For the body to be whole, all the parts are needed. While some are seen, it doesn’t mean they are more important. Instead, the church only functions well when the whole community is engaged in doing their part to bless the rest of the body! How are you using your unique gifts at CUC?