Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

When I was new to Hawaii and living on Kauai, I worked two jobs, volunteered, and spent every free moment making new connections and friends. I was trying to discern where God was calling me and I began to get frustrated that I wasn’t getting a clear message. One day, my mentor sat me down and told me that I was living as though busyness is next to godliness when that is not the case. He was right! I kept myself so busy, both physically and mentally, that I had no space in my life to discern the new place to which God was calling me.

Just as discernment takes intentionality, so does innovation. Brainstorming takes time and ideas need mental space to flourish. Innovation takes energy! If we want to create a culture of innovation in the church, then we have to build space in our lives and in our community to do that. One way to do this is to take an inventory of where we are spending our time, energy, and resources. Of all the things that we do as a community of faith, which are the most life-giving? Which make the biggest impact on others and bring joy to the larger community? Is there anything we are doing out of obligation or because we are afraid no one else will do it if we don’t? What might God be inviting us to release to make room for something new to spring forth?

Releasing what we are comfortable with and stepping into the unknown is scary, especially when we don’t have a plan for what will take its place. It truly takes a leap of faith! Can we trust that God will fill in the gaps and inspire something new and life-giving?

“Routine kills creative thought.” – Scarlett Thomas