Today I invite you to spend some time prayerfully brainstorming about ways our church might innovate. Dream big! No idea is too outlandish, so be sure to write everything down. Can you come up with 3 to 4 really wild ideas?

Begin with this prayer:
Holy One, you are the Great Innovator, the one who gives us vision and inspires creativity within us. In this time of dreaming, help me to release all that I have known and expected from church. May I think not only of myself and what I would find meaningful, but also of what others may find meaningful. Fill me again with your Holy Spirit, spark my imagination, and give me bold new ideas. Amen.

Questions to help guide you:
What opportunities do you see in our church?
What communities might our church serve more?
Think of two things you really like about the church and put them together. What would that look like?
Think of something you don’t like about the church. Flip it upside down. What would the exact opposite of that look like?

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” –Albert Einstein