“Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act.” – Psalm 37:5


Written by Rev. Brandon Durán

Theodicy is the $1,000 theological word for a simple idea thousands of years old.  How do we reconcile the ideas of a good God and the existence of evil? This conundrum is addressed in the heart of every follower of Christ.  Psalm 37 is one heart’s response to the problem of evil, why do the wicked prosper and the good suffer?

Psalm 37 is a poem written as an acrostic and divided into distinct sections. Each section ends with God’s resolution of the question.  I encourage you to find a space for prayer, center your heart, and read Nan Merrill’s interpretation of Psalm 37 from her book Psalms for Praying.  May you hear ancient wisdom coming forth from you as you read this psalm.

Give no heed to those who are greedy, attend not to those who do wrong. 

For, like the green grass of spring, they soon fade and wither away. 

Trust in the Most High, and seek goodness; live harmoniously upon the earth in peace and with assurance. 

Take delight in the Beloved, and enjoy the bountiful gifts of Love. 

Commit your life to the Beloved, confident that Love will act on your behalf.

Make clear your pathway, bright as the sun at midday. 

Be still before the Beloved, and wait quietly in the Silence; pray for those who prosper by deceitful means, and for those who live by their own devices. 

Recognize your own anger as unfulfilled desire and, lift your thoughts to higher planes; for those who act out of anger, separate themselves from Love; while those who live in harmony, shall know peace, assurance, gratitude and love. 

In a little while, those who live with greed will prosper no more; the darkness of ignorance will pass, as a new dawn enlightens the world. 

The lovers of darkness shall perish, while the humble shall inherit the earth, and find delight in sharing its abundance with all.