What is the proper posture for prayer?  Is it to close your eyes and put your praying hands together?  Is it standing with arms outstretched?  Is it sitting in silence allowing the Spirit to speak on our behalf?  Is it laying prostrate on the floor as an act of submission?  Let’s be honest, there isn’t a right way to pray.  There are moments where certain postures emerge from the stance of our heart and prayer.

The funny thing about prayer is that we often complicate it!  We take a gift and make it a burden.  We think we have to have an eloquence of speech or a rhythmic prayer that tickles the ear.  We worry about messing up something of such great importance!  And I imagine God simply smiles and whispers, “Keep it simple, silly!”  For prayer is simply a conversation of old friends; a spaciousness of grace that allows silence to be okay; a lover eager to hear the latest news, hopes and sorrows.  So if you are worried that you aren’t good enough, or know the right formula, or might mess up…Don’t Worry!  God adores your attention…and intention!

A curious phrase by the Apostle Paul took years to understand.  He simply states, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17).  After going through ‘prayer training’ in college, I was taught the right way to pray—eyes closed, structured around 4 words: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication (ACTS).  How can one pray without ceasing if their eyes are always closed?!  Trying driving, or working, or just about anything throughout the day!  I think he was talking about a stance towards life more than a model of prayer.  Take each moment, each concern, each daydream and allow them to become your prayer.  Today, try it!  Try to see all of the day as a fertile field of prayerful moments…it might just change how you experience it!