“And now faith, hope, and love remain, these three, and the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13, NRSVUE)

Throughout the month of May, we have had opportunities to highlight the values that keep us grounded as a congregation. The first four values we’ve reflected on were Discovery/Kaunāna, Transformation/Loli‘ana, Faithfulness/Mana‘o‘i‘o, and Justice/Kaulike.

This past Sunday, we reclaimed our historic roots as we gathered for our Annual Meeting and received reports that review our life together. Even though we are many, we came together as one which is what Jesus prayed for disciples. The witness to our unity as disciples is evident in love and care, our remaining two values. It is the power of love as it is witnessed in our care for others that draws us together and draws others into our fellowship.

A decision to participate in the Step Up, Step Out campaign expresses deep love for this family of faith and all those we embrace. Many have gone before us who gave of their financial resources so we can gather as one in this historic place. It is now our turn to Step Up our 2023 pledge for the new fiscal year. Our love and care will be expressed as we also Step Out and commit the valuable resource of time to strengthen the Faith Formation of our community and our welcome to the greater community beyond our doors.

When and how have you experienced love and care at Central Union Church?
How do you personally express your love and care for others?
With whom can you share more love and care?

God, open our hearts, fill our hearts with love so that we may act on the desire to care.

Throughout the month of May, we reflect on how our shared values call us to Step Up and Step Out.

A letter and enclosed Commitment Form have been sent in the mail. On the sheet, you can record how you will Step Up, Step Out to join in unity with our congregation at this unique time. The sheets will be collected in worship on Sunday, May 28, when we celebrate Pentecost. You can also choose to mail in your form to the church or complete the online version HERE.